• human
  • Strengths and weaknesses of various experimental approaches to better understanding of the prevalence of CMM in different human populations including latitude effects are compared. (unt.edu)
  • oncology
  • The most important problems of modern theoretical and experimental oncology clinical are to investigate the causes of cancer and mechanisms of interaction with their bodies, the development of effective preventive measures, diagnostic methods and treatment of cancer. (sfmeetup.org)
  • As a courtesy of ESH-ESA and personally of the faculty of the meeting, the lecturers have provided their permissions for publishing the extended abstracts of their lectures in this issue of Experimental Oncology. (exp-oncology.com.ua)
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  • Scientific medicine distinguishes between two types of (Carcinoma) does not represent a serious hazard to health, malignant neoplasms for his aggressive behavior poison the body and destroys healthy body tissue. (sfmeetup.org)