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  • Crackers - Dry, starchy snacks such as pretzels or animal crackers, can help absorb nausea-inducing stomach acid. (imakenews.com)
  • Bananas - This potassium and magnesium-loaded fruit can work to stimulate the production of mucus from the stomach lining, which may block what's causing your nausea. (imakenews.com)
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  • To get rid of nausea and take advantage of the medicinal ginger health benefits , drink ginger tea throughout the day. (draxe.com)
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  • The results indicated a good effect of the aroma in reducing the nausea, although statistical significance was not reached due to the small sample of patients. (draxe.com)
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  • I've been sober for quite awhile now and the only time I have experienced nausea is when I use this anti bacterial hand sanitizer at work that happens to smell like vodka. (dailystrength.org)