• transketolase
  • Although transketolase and transaldolase may be absent from the cytosol of some species, the activity is maintained by phosphate translocator proteins on the plastid inner-envelope membrane that have the capacity to translocate sugar phosphates. (edu.au)
  • coenzyme
  • However, the pathway was fully elucidated only in 1950s thanks to the work of several researchers and primarily of Efraim Racker, Fritz Lipmann, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1953 thanks to the discovery of coenzyme A, Bernard Horecker and Frank Dickens. (tuscany-diet.net)
  • biosynthetic
  • The NADPH is required for biosynthetic reactions such as fatty acid synthesis, cholesterol synthesis, drug reduction, and as a cofactor for some non-synthetic enzymatic reactions. (biochemden.com)
  • assimilation
  • Extracellular metabolome data measured in response to environmental and genetic perturbations of ammonium assimilation pathways was then integrated with the i MM904 network in the form of relative overflow secretion constraints and a flux sampling approach was used to characterize candidate flux distributions allowed by these constraints. (springer.com)