• Tbx3
  • TBX3-positive myocardium, with exception of the top of the ventricular septum, is devoid of fast-conducting connexin40 and connexin43 and hence identifies slowly conducting pathways. (nih.gov)
  • myocyte
  • However, at the moderate strains generated by high end-diastolic pressure, a stretch-induced increase in myocyte membrane capacitance is the dominant driver of conduction slowing during ventricular volume loading. (springer.com)
  • Adult
  • 10 , - , 14 Others have indicated that the rate of proliferation of the proposed precursors is insufficient to generate all the cells of the adult axis, which, hence, requires recruitment of adjacent nonaxis myocardium. (ahajournals.org)
  • types
  • Ephedrine is indicated for the correction of hypotension secondary to spinal or other types of nontypical conduction anesthesia. (drugs.com)