• hematologic disorders
  • 10 Both in vitro and in vivo data show that miRNA are important regulators of hematopoiesis and that they play a role in the pathogenesis of some acquired hematologic disorders, 11 functioning either as tumor suppressors ( miR-15/16 ) or as oncogenes ( miR-17-92 cluster). (haematologica.org)
  • disease
  • By lowering transplant-related toxicity, doctors at SCCA hope they will be able to recommend BMT to some children with inherited disorders earlier in the course of their disease-therefore improving their chances for long-term survival. (seattlecca.org)
  • Genetic
  • This disorder is suspected in individuals who have a very high WBC count (Like in CML ) and also has a genetic abnormality(Philadelphia Chromosome present). (healthtap.com)