• classification
  • During the explosion of scientific mycological studies in the 19th century, the yeast responsible for producing these so-called "bottom fermentations" was finally given a taxonomical classification, Saccharomyces pastorianus, by the German Max Reess in 1870. (wikipedia.org)
  • culture
  • While these techniques are advantageous, because they do not rely on the need to culture organisms, each technique may have its own biases and/or limitations when used to assess fungal diversity from mixed-template samples. (naver.com)
  • Fatty acids are normally produced in submerged culture with high carbon source supply, although this technique has drawbacks with respect to energy consumption and waste water production. (wikipedia.org)
  • higher
  • Therefore, by utilizing the higher temperature tolerance of some Chrysosporium spp, a selective technique to isolate C. keratinophilum, C. indicum, and C. tropicum has been developed. (wikipedia.org)