• mutant
  • Insertional mutant collections are essential tools in plant genomic research and functional genomics. (actahort.org)
  • We have therefore undertaken a program to develop an insertional mutant collection of the diploid strawberry, Fragaria vesca , as a model crop for fleshy fruit. (actahort.org)
  • proteins
  • Despite this, the download insertional of twenty-eight arts and the nutritionist of proteins to take their weather Is Written an poor English and embryonic truth. (patriciasyarns.com)
  • approach
  • Our goal was to further probe the structural determinants of arrestin function by using a combined insertional mutagenesis and immunochemical approach. (arvojournals.org)
  • The site-directed approach may be done systematically in such techniques as alanine scanning mutagenesis whereby residues are systematically mutated to alanine in order to identify residues important to the structure or function of a protein. (wikipedia.org)