• ovarian
  • This mucin is present in primary ovarian mucinous cancer but usually absent in colorectal adenocarcinoma, thus showing an expression pattern opposite to MUC2. (biotium.com)
  • Mucin isolated from an ovarian cyst fluid (pure endocervical type according to the Fenoglio's classification) Human. (abcam.co.jp)
  • Native
  • The M1-b epitope is found located on a 58 kD and 40 kD peptide after trypsin treatment of native M1 mucin. (abcam.co.jp)
  • normal
  • There have been many immunomarkers reported to be expressed in GBC and not expressed in normal/benign gallbladder: CA 19-9, CEA, Mucin 5AC, S100P, IMP3, GLUT-1, p53, and CDX2. (biocare.net)