• ions
  • This is a dynamic barrier which acts as a firewall of a computer, which permits transient flow of nutrients, gases, and smaller molecules into the brain and keeps out harmful metabolites such as drugs ions, toxins which potentially circulate in the blood stream. (hindawi.com)
  • Examples
  • Examples of biomedical inorganic polymers that have been proven to exhibit biomedical effects and/or have been applied in preclinical or clinical trials are polysilicate / silica glass (such as naturally formed "biosilica" and synthetic "bioglass") and inorganic polyphosphate. (springer.com)
  • IMO, until we can do that - one of the most objective and simple examples of subjective experience, we have no hope of even beginning to synthesize consciousness from inorganic materials. (mail-archive.com)
  • groups
  • c) Their solubility in water is a result of the many hydroxyl groups dispersed through out the molecule. (scribd.com)