• proteins
  • Mitochondrial proteins vary depending on the tissue and the species. (pharmaceuticalintelligence.com)
  • Chronic oxidative stress, brought on by environmental toxicity,lifestyle, stress, and inflammation can lead to mitochondrial dysfunction, transcription of abnormal proteins, and thereby may contribute to aging and the development of disease.6,7 * CoQ10 has been demonstrated to alter and slow down the oxidation rate of cells and support a healthy inflammatory response 8,9 * Maintaining adequate levels of CoQ10 is a key part to maintenance of overall health. (quicksilvercanada.com)
  • role
  • Uridine benefits neural synaptic function and promotes the creation of membranes and neuronal synapses and dendritic spines through its role in providing phosphatidylcholine, the final step in the choline pathway. (purenootropics.net)