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  • Disorders of either mineralocorticoid function or production can lead to severe alterations in the potassium, sodium, and water content of the human body. (yourhealthremedy.com)
  • Disorders of any of the mineralocorticoids function or production It can cause serious alterations in the potassium, sodium and water content of the human body. (revistabcz.com)
  • In epithelial tissues, its activation leads to the expression of proteins regulating ionic and water transports (mainly the epithelial sodium channel or ENaC, Na+/K+ pump, serum and glucocorticoid induced kinase or SGK1) resulting in the reabsorption of sodium, and as a consequence an increase in extracellular volume, increase in blood pressure, and an excretion of potassium to maintain a normal salt concentration in the body. (wikipedia.org)
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  • Most mild TBIs happen in stressful situations (sports, war, domestic violence, etc.) when glucocorticoids are elevated in the brain at the time of impact, and glucocorticoids have negative effects on neuronal health following TBI. (ovid.com)