• donors
  • As far as safety goes, milk donors are screened for drugs and disease, and the milk is pasteurized at a special lab in California. (npr.org)
  • We qualify the donors, we pay for the milk to be processed and, ounce-for-ounce, the amount of milk donated is returned toTexas Children's for our patients," Hurst said. (npr.org)
  • practice
  • They can be tagged as well, which satisfies the recipient hospital/family that the bag has remained unopened since leaving the Milk Bank - this is now standard practice for all our milk delivery. (medica-tradefair.com)
  • guidelines
  • With this in mind, the Milk Bank wanted to ensure that their milk transportation methods met the prescribed guidelines handed down from NICE. (medica-tradefair.com)
  • Following liaisons with the Milk Bank to clarify exactly what was needed, Versapak designed and produced a 5-litre insulated bag in the specified colour, complete with tamper-evident seal housing along with the charity's logo which fitted the compliance guidelines from NICE. (medica-tradefair.com)