• dense
  • At the beginning of preprophase, the cortical microtubules of a plant cell disappear and aggregate into a dense ring underneath the plasma membrane. (wikipedia.org)
  • kinesin
  • Genomic representation of kinesin motors: Fungi (yeast): 6 Plants (Arabidopsis thaliana): 61 Insects (Drosophila melanogaster): 25 Mammals (human): 45 Dyneins are microtubule motors capable of a retrograde sliding movement. (wikipedia.org)
  • protofilaments
  • Typically, microtubules are formed by the parallel association of thirteen protofilaments, although microtubules composed of fewer or more protofilaments have been observed in vitro. (wikipedia.org)
  • There are two distinct types of interactions that can occur between the subunits of lateral protofilaments within the microtubule called the A-type and B-type lattices. (wikipedia.org)
  • motor
  • The two globular head motor domains in heavy chains can convert the chemical energy of ATP hydrolysis into mechanical work to move along microtubules. (wikipedia.org)