• simple sequenc
  • Flow cytometry, chromosome counts and SSR marker (Simple Sequence Repeats) analysis facilitated the identification of six different haploid lines (2n = x = 9), one aneuploid line (2n = 2x+4 = 22) and one doubled haploid plant (2n = 2x = 18) of 'Clemenules' clementine. (nih.gov)
  • Molecular
  • To support a more efficient conservation of the national bean germplasm and promote its use in crop improvement, we performed, for the first time, a simultaneous molecular marker (21 microsatellites and a DNA marker for phaseolin-type diversity analysis) and seed and plant morphological characterization (14 traits) of 175 accessions from Portuguese mainland and islands traditional bean-growing regions. (frontiersin.org)
  • conservation
  • In this study, we analyzed the influence of fragmentation and environmental changes on the population genetic structure of C. (P.) staigi using inter-simple sequence repeat polymorphisms, and the consequences for management and conservation. (fao.org)