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  • Named for the Vienna-born scholar viewed as the father of American microchemistry, the award recognizes 'outstanding research in the field of microchemistry in its broadest sense,' including administration and teaching, among other vehicles for advancing the field. (scienmag.com)
  • In 1997, preceding the acquisition of Microchemistry Ltd, Suntola started as Research Fellow in the national energy company Fortum Corporation created via the fusion of Neste Corporation and the national Electric Utility Company. (wikipedia.org)
  • Mary Corner (25 March 1899 - 4 November 1962), was a pharmacist, a worker in the British Cotton Industry and British Leather Manufacturers, Head of the Micro-analytical Section of the Chemical Research Laboratory, Vice-Chairman of the Microchemistry group and a founding member of the Microchemical Club. (wikipedia.org)