• Protein
  • A potent transcriptional activation domain, which functions in both yeast and mammalian cells and resides in the C-terminal region of E2F-5, is specifically inactivated upon pocket protein binding. (uu.nl)
  • mammalian
  • E2F-5 exists as a physiological heterodimer with DP-1 in the generic DRTF1/E2F DNA binding activity present in mammalian cell extracts, an interaction which results in co-operative DNA binding activity and transcriptional activation through the E2F site. (uu.nl)
  • activator
  • Mouse development with a single E2F activator. (nih.gov)
  • E2F activator levels are cyclic, with maximal expression during G1/S. In contrast, E2F repressors stay constant, especially since they are often expressed in quiescent cells. (wikipedia.org)