• At Green Valley Animal Hospital, we are proud to offer a surgical suite complete with the latest in monitoring equipment - ensuring your pet's surgery and anesthesia are always performed as safely as possible. (greenvalleyah.com)
  • The Hohoe Municipal Hospital has recorded a sharp decline in its Out-Patients Department (OPD) attendance from 10,000 to about 300, a month as a result of the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus disease. (ghanaweb.com)
  • Our hospital has a multitude of pain-killers available for our patients and we routinely use combinations of drugs to ensure a quick and comfortable recovery for your dog or cat. (greenvalleyah.com)
  • He said four of cases was from surveillance, five as contacts of index cases and 12 from subsequent cases have so far been recorded after the Hospital recorded its first two cases on April 12, this year adding that Covid-19 case count in Hohoe stood at 21 with 15 recoveries. (ghanaweb.com)
  • He said the Hospital observed this trend after it recorded its first two positive cases in April, this year which had led to stigmatisation of the Hospital and its staff leading to reduction in patronage of some of its services including the OPD. (ghanaweb.com)
  • a doctor, an anaesthetist, three nurses and three midwives have all recovered covid-19 and back to work without any residual medical complications from the infection "except one who tested positive" on June 28. (ghanaweb.com)
  • This notifies the New York City Health & Hospitals Corp (NYCHHC) of the potential claim, and gives them the opportunity to review the details of the claim. (medicalmalpractice.net)
  • Dr. Mensah said a total of 779 samples from contact tracing and surveillance excluding repeat tests had been taken since the outbreak which were sent to the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research and the University of Health and Allied Sciences (UHAS) testing centre. (ghanaweb.com)