• model
  • Using a model pathosystem involving Medicago truncatula and Mycosphaerella pinodes strain OMP-1, we examined the histology and ultrastructure of early infection events and fungal development including penetration by appressoria, vegetative growth of infection hyphae, and host responses. (frontiersin.org)
  • euteiches
  • The results were also further confirmed by detecting increased PR-5b induction levels in 2-D gels of a previously analyzed M. truncatula line (F83.005-9) exhibiting increased A. euteiches tolerance associated with reduced PR-10 induction levels. (uni-bielefeld.de)
  • species
  • The SOD gene family has been characterized in various plant species, but not in Medicago truncatula yet. (springer.com)
  • Phylogenetic analysis showed that SOD proteins from M. truncatula and other plant species could be classified into two main categories (Cu/ZnSODs and Fe-MnSODs), which could be further divided into eight subgroups, and members within the same subgroup tended to share the same subcellular localization. (springer.com)
  • insights
  • Finally, the atomic structure of M. truncatula GSII-1a provides important insights into the structural determinants of herbicide resistance in this family of enzymes, opening new avenues for the development of herbicide-resistant plants. (iucr.org)