• synthesis
  • Wise EMJ, Park JT (1965) Penicillin: its basic site of action as an inhibitor of a peptide cross-linking reaction in the cell wall mucopeptide synthesis. (springer.com)
  • pathogen
  • This chapter focuses on the genetic, biochemical, and structural mechanisms involved in PBP-mediated resistance, with a particular emphasis on resistance mechanisms in the pathogenic Gram-negative pathogen, Neisseria gonorrhoeae . (springer.com)
  • The genetic and physiological flexibility that allows this commensal bacterium to become a powerful pathogen and elucidating the myriad of mechanisms it employs to avoid the host and/or antimicrobials are important areas of research. (caister.com)
  • enzyme
  • Rasmussen JR, Strominger JL (1978) Utilization of a depsipeptide substrate for trapping acyl-enzyme intermediates of penicillin-sensitive D-alanine carboxypeptidases. (springer.com)
  • peptidoglycan
  • Thus, these data suggest that increased β-lactam resistance is not solely reliant on increased c-di-AMP levels but can also be achieved by mutations in metabolic enzymes that enhance peptidoglycan biosynthetic capability. (nuigalway.ie)