• significant
  • The bone resorption marker CTX showed significant differences between the animals supplemented with anionic salts and the control animals in goats, but not in sheep. (uzh.ch)
  • No significant change was observed for osteocalcin and (collagen type I C-telopeptide) CTx for the VIB group. (medsci.org)
  • group
  • We measured the effect of supraphysiological doses of estrogens on these markers of bone metabolism in a group of transsexual biologically male patients (DSM IIIR 302.5 or ICD10 F64.0). (gender.org.uk)
  • Cell
  • The uncarboxylated form of osteocalcin is associated with improved glucose tolerance and enhanced beta-cell function in middle-aged male subjects. (wikipedia.org)
  • association
  • 2009). „The association between osteocalcin gene polymorphism and dental fluorosis among children exposed to fluoride in People's Republic of China. (wikipedia.org)