• Powder
  • We are the manufacturer of açai in freeze dried powder and açai in spray dried powder. (exportbureau.com)
  • We are manufacturer and exporter of dehydrated onion and garlic.we are registered firm having modern processing plant of dehydrated food situated in Gujarat(india).We produce dehy.onion kibbled,flekes powder.We are aware about international qulaity and driven to quality maintaine in our product. (exportbureau.com)
  • Price
  • Offered soy protein perfectly applied in bakery foods sausage, meatballs, beverage so on We can satisfy you with good quality products for food processing as well as best price according to market competition. (exportbureau.com)
  • FOOD
  • Welcome to our worldwide company store, where you will find all kinds of stuff, since food & beverages, to Automobile & autoparts, Our clients are the number one of our Priority Attention. (tradeboss.com)