• pelvic
  • The best way to protect your health is to know the symptoms and types of cysts that may signal a more significant problem, and to schedule regular pelvic examinations. (dreddyclinic.com)
  • organs
  • One can often find infiltrative growth and sometimes also central gland metastasis or metastasis to intra- or extra-abdominal organs, especially to liver and lungs. (oncolex.org)
  • Only the most malignant types infiltrate into deeper organs or produce lymph node metastases. (oncolex.org)
  • clinical
  • Due to rare reports in the literature about the utility of the BOON, and the fact that transabdominal ultrasound (rather than transrectal, as originally included in the formula) was performed, Kendall's tau rank correlation test determined the correlation between prostate volume, Qmax and mean voided urine, as well as other clinical variables with the determinants of obstruction: URA, Schaefer nomogram and bladder outlet obstruction index. (thefreedictionary.com)
  • transformation
  • BMPM has an extremely low potential of malignant transformation, but it has a very high local recurrence rate after therapy [ 1 , 6 , 12 - 14 ]. (hindawi.com)