• regimen
  • To demonstrate the feasibility of delivery of a multiagent chemotherapy regimen which features a shorter, more direct approach, and includes a phase that incorporates hematopoietic stem cell support for children with large cell lymphoma. (knowcancer.com)
  • ependymoma
  • I. To estimate the EFS and OS of children with incompletely resected ependymoma who are unable to achieve a complete response (CR) by post-operative induction chemotherapy or by second surgery who are non-randomly assigned to cRT followed by VCEC. (clinicaltrials.gov)
  • To further evaluate the EFS and OS of children with supratentorial classic ependymoma who achieve a complete resection at first or second resection or children who achieve a CR to short-course induction chemotherapy following first surgery. (clinicaltrials.gov)