• mulatta
  • UNLABELLED: Deletion of Gly-720 and Tyr-721 from a highly conserved GYxxØ trafficking signal in the SIVmac239 envelope glycoprotein cytoplasmic domain, producing a virus termed ΔGY, leads to a striking perturbation in pathogenesis in rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta). (duke.edu)
  • sequence
  • We defined the sequence and huIgG binding characteristics of the M. nemestrina activating FcγRIIa (mnFcγRIIa) and inhibitory FcγRIIb (mnFcγRIIb) and predicted their structures using the huIgGFc/huFcγRIIa crystal structure. (chavi-id.org)
  • Research
  • Dr Nadine Ruppert, a primatologist from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and her research team followed a group of pig-tailed macaques ( Macaca nemestrina) that were seen in both primary forest and oil palm plantation for over 2 years period. (scihealthnews.com)