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  • After CTb was injected into the pelvic nerve, CTb retrogradely labeled neurons were almost exclusively located in the lateral part of the intermediolateral gray matter at L6-S1 of the lumbosacral spinal cord. (nih.gov)
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  • Designed for equipment-certified Pilates instructors, this course will give a deeper understanding of lumbosacral anatomy, biomechanics, and exercises that nurture this region of the body. (kinectedcenter.com)
  • If we want to be able to detect whether, say, a glycogen body is present, we need to know how to tell the impression left by a glycogen body from the more generalized lumbosacral expansion present in all limbed tetrapods. (svpow.com)
  • Here the lumbosacral expansion maxes out at more than double the cross-sectional area of the cord in the inter-limb torso segments - and this is just the white and gray matter, and does not include the glycogen body (which is proportionally small in the ostrich, as we'll see in a future post). (svpow.com)