• grepafloxacin
  • As mentioned in the info on BAYCOL, temafloxacin and grepafloxacin are two other fluoroquinolones now withdrawn from the market because they had caused severe liver and renal damage - and deaths, just like fluorinated drugs from other, different classifications (3). (mnwelldir.org)
  • 1996
  • In 1996 the FDA also issued directives to manufacturers to include warning statements on all fluoroquinoline product inserts to alert patients and caregivers to the potential for tendinitis and tendon rupture (17).Also in 1996 the Sri Lanka Drug Evaluation Sub-Committee decided that the product information of fluoroquinolone antibiotics should include a warning stating: 'The onset of tendon pain calls for immediate withdrawal of fluoroquinolone antibiotics. (mnwelldir.org)
  • bacterial
  • Fluoroquinolones ) exhibit concentration-dependent bactericidal activity (see Effectiveness ) by inhibiting the activity of DNA gyrase and topoisomerase, enzymes essential for bacterial DNA replication. (merckmanuals.com)
  • widely
  • After oral and parenteral administration, fluoroquinolones are widely distributed in most extracellular and intracellular fluids and are concentrated in the prostate, lungs, and bile. (merckmanuals.com)