• Donor
  • the donor vesicles to the erythrocyte and sphingomyelin transfer in the opposite direction. (uu.nl)
  • Molecule
  • A structure composed of a very long molecule of DNA and associated proteins (e.g. histones) that carries hereditary information. (wikipedia.org)
  • known
  • If the only thing known about a protein is the organism that produces it, then it can enjoy (as a last resort) being categorized according to the organism. (wikipedia.org)
  • It is thought that it takes part in protein-protein interactions, but it is not known for certain. (wikipedia.org)
  • allergen
  • the allergic response of many patients and providing them with a rational treatment In the present study, protein microarrays and a co-sensitization graph approach were used in conjunction with an allergen microarray immunoassay. (upm.es)