• aldehydes
  • 2015 ). Although extensive investigations have delineated the pathological role of lipid peroxidation products and identified metabolic pathways that detoxify these toxic aldehydes, non-enzymatic pathways, which can sequester these aldehydes and protect against myocardial injury, have been less well studied. (springer.com)
  • bilayer
  • The integrity of cellular membrane was examined by monitoring the peroxy-radicals on the lipid bilayer. (rti.org)
  • Unlike O2−, which predominantly acts as a reductant, HO2 can act as an oxidant in a number of biologically important reactions, such as the abstraction of hydrogen atoms from tocopherol and polyunstaturated fatty acids in the lipid bilayer. (wikipedia.org)
  • adducts
  • In recent years, development of immunochemical detection of HNE-histidine adducts opened more advanced methodological possibilities for qualitative and quantitative detection of lipid peroxidation in various human and animal tissues[full citation needed] as well as in body fluids, including human serum and plasma samples. (wikipedia.org)
  • chain
  • NADPH is also used for anabolic pathways, such as lipid synthesis, cholesterol synthesis, and fatty acid chain elongation. (wikipedia.org)