• antigen
  • The main objective of the present study was to measure the influence of parity, body condition score, serum nonesterified fatty acids, and serum beta-hydroxybutyrate concentrations of periparturient cows on phenotype and mitogen-and antigen-induced proliferative capacity of bovine colostral leukocytes. (ugent.be)
  • Heifers had significantly higher mitogen- and antigen-induced proliferation of their colostral leukocytes than third parity or older cows. (ugent.be)
  • In conclusion, body condition score, parity, and serum beta-hydroxybutyrate concentration of periparturient high-yielding dairy cows were shown to influence the number of colostral macrophages or the mitogen-and antigen-induced proliferation of colostral leukocytes, possibly influencing the cellular immunity of the newborn calf. (ugent.be)
  • immunoglobulins
  • Investigations into the transfer of passive immunity of cattle have primarily focused on the importance of colostral immunoglobulins, with a recent increase in focus on understanding the role of colostral leukocytes. (ugent.be)
  • protein
  • By Western blot analysis of mononuclear leukocytes from 11 species, using a crossreactive antiserum directed against the extremely well-conserved NAD-binding domain, no correlation between the amount of PARP protein and the species' life spans was found, suggesting a greater specific enzyme activity in longer-lived species. (pnas.org)