• Malignancies
  • This phase I multicenter feasibility trial is studying the safety and potential efficacy of infusing ex vivo expanded cord blood progenitors with one unmanipulated umbilical cord blood unit for transplantation following conditioning with fludarabine, cyclophosphamide and total body irradiation (TBI), and immunosuppression with cyclosporine and mycophenolate mofetil (MMF) for patients with hematologic malignancies. (clinicaltrials.gov)
  • This phase II trial is studying the side effects and how well giving fludarabine phosphate, busulfan, anti-thymocyte globulin followed by donor peripheral blood stem cell transplant , tacrolimus, and methotrexate works in treating patients with myeloid malignancies. (clinicaltrials.gov)
  • ref. 1 ), most adult patients with advanced or refractory myeloid malignancies still die from their disease. (aacrjournals.org)
  • potent
  • Targeting Myeloid Differentiation Using Potent 2-Hydroxypyrazolo[1,5- a]pyridine Scaffold-Based Human Dihydroorotate Dehydrogenase Inhibitors. (nih.gov)
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  • Chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML) is a chronic myeloproliferative disorder characterised by a chromosomal translocation between the long arms of chromosomes 9 and 22 resulting in the formation of the BCR-ABL fusion gene. (scielo.org.za)
  • Mutations involving the FANCA gene are associated with many somatic and congenital defects, primarily involving phenotypic variations of Fanconi anaemia, aplastic anaemia, and forms of cancer such as squamous cell carcinoma and acute myeloid leukaemia. (wikipedia.org)