• lymphoma
  • Epidermal invasion by cells of histiocytoma frequently occurs and intra-epidermal nests of histiocytes resemble Pautrier's aggregates, characteristically found in epidermotropic lymphoma (Mycosis Fungoides or MF). (wikipedia.org)
  • nodular
  • High-resolution CT scan of the chest should be obtained in any patient suspected of PLCH and typically demonstrates nodular and/or irregularly shaped cystic and cavitary lesions predominantly in the upper- and mid-lung zones ( Figure 1A ) with relative sparing of the lung bases ( Figure 1B ) ( Figure 2 ). (oncologynurseadvisor.com)
  • A high-resolution CT image of the upper lung field in a forty-eight-year-old female smoker with PLCH reveals cystic and nodular lesions in both lungs. (oncologynurseadvisor.com)
  • eosinophils
  • A high-power magnification view of PLCH histopathology demonstrating infiltration with Langerhans cells (characterized by pale staining cytoplasm and elongated nuclei with delicate folds and clefts and large nucleoli) and scattered eosinophils. (oncologynurseadvisor.com)
  • Benign
  • Although PLCH has generally been considered an acquired benign disorder, recent evidence suggests that at least a subset of these patients have a clonal proliferative disorder of mutated cells including the BRAF V600E mutation. (oncologynurseadvisor.com)