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  • 9 Payment and Practice Management Ensuring Fairness for Physical Therapy Secured language in legislation to extend therapy cap exceptions process and update outpatient payment under Medicare to avert an approximate 27% cut until December 31, 2012 Worked to improve insurance policies through our Annual Insurance Forum for payers and case managers held September 2012 in Hartford CT. (docplayer.net)
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  • The article mentions the new legislation here, which means that an employer cannot deny union representation to a workforce if a majority seek that representation. (ballet-dance.com)
  • The purpose of the investigation was to examine the utilization of the Danish legislation concerning access to case records by means of a prospective registration and questionnaire. (arctichealth.org)
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  • If you don't have a personal story, you may want to write or call about a different topic. (govtrack.us)
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  • As a member of the UBA Client Compliance Solutions Committee, she has been instrumental in identifying industry trends and timely PPACA legislation topics to help educate employers nationwide. (bio-medicine.org)