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  • HealthDay News) - Neonates undergoing microdirect laryngoscopies and bronchoscopies (MLB) most often present with respiratory distress and stridor, according to research published online Dec. 18 in JAMA Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery . (empr.com)
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  • Being fully informed will help you feel more at ease and will allow you to give your consent for the laryngoscopy to go ahead. (bupa.co.uk)
  • Sonographic predictors may help identify patients with difficult laryngoscopy. (ovid.com)
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  • This app provides an augmented reality hands-on skill training simulation, focusing on Laryngoscopy with foreign body removal.This is a joint research project between Bond University and Central Queensland University exploring augmentation of distance education skills development in paramedic science through mixed media visualisation. (apple.com)