• tissue
  • CSMG Technologies , Inc. (OTCBB: CTUM), a technology management company focused on commercializing human live tissue bonding devices, announced breakthrough laryngectomy and chondrectomy procedures have successfully been completed using the company's platform live biological tissue welding/bonding technology. (chron.com)
  • secondary
  • In this study, our purpose was to present our special nursing care of the laryngectomy patient secondary to Pseudomonas aeruginosa pneumonia with conscious disturbance for ENT nurses as a reference. (scirp.org)
  • review
  • A model incorporating the findings from this review has been proposed which outlines how changes in communication post-laryngectomy may lead to an impact on QoL. (springer.com)
  • negative
  • Regardless of the type of communication option used, participants in all studies reported negative changes in their communication competency and QoL post-laryngectomy. (springer.com)