• liver
  • in combination with ribavirin for treatment of chronic hepatitis C in patients 3 years and older with compensated liver disease previously untreated with alpha interferon therapy and in patients 18 years and older who have relapsed following alpha interferon therapy. (drugs.com)
  • paths
  • Unlike mazes, which have many confusing paths, a Labyrinth generally has only one path that leads to the center and back out again. (labyrinthpath.com)
  • The resulting end is an embodied labyrinth of the myriad paths that anyone with a disease must follow to achieve a form of stasis within their own bodies and in the world. (500x.org)
  • inner
  • This theory led to a long standing surgical technique used to treat Meniere's disease where a shunt is created to offer an alternative fluid pathway for the inner ear fluid (endolymph). (hearinghealthmatters.org)
  • They are found in churches and hospitals, schools and prisons, parks and recreation centers, and back yards - even the back yard of the U.S. Capitol, where Sandra Wasko-Flood, in the year 2000, directed the Labyrinth Society's first project: a labyrinth walking demonstration for inner peace on the East Lawn of our nation's Capitol Hill. (labyrinthpath.com)