• A SILAC approach involving incorporation of tyrosine labeled with nine carbon-13 atoms (13C) instead of the normal carbon-12 (12C) has been utilized to study tyrosine kinase substrates in signaling pathways. (wikipedia.org)
  • Analysis
  • To improve analysis of this compound, CIL collaborated with researchers at North Carolina State University to offer a new 13 C 3 / 15 N 2 labeled BMAA standard. (isotope.com)
  • human
  • Egorova-Zachernyuk TA, Bosman GJ, DeGrip WJ, Shvets VI (2010) Stable isotope labelling of human histamine receptor H1R: prospects for structure-based drug design. (springer.com)
  • Using a two-label system incorporating [ 13 C 3 15 N 1 ]-nicotinamide and [ 13 C 11 ]-tryptophan, we quantify the relative contribution of salvage and de novo NAD synthesis, respectively, in S. cerevisiae and HepG2 human hepatocellular carcinoma cells under basal conditions. (rsc.org)