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  • Quickly create automatic stress isometrics with fully customizable isometric data including engineering design data. (bentley.com)
  • A recent article in Science ( 1 ) proposed to recover a low-dimensional parametrization of high-dimensional data by assuming that the data lie on a manifold M which, viewed as a Riemannian submanifold of the ambient Euclidean space, is globally isometric to a convex subset of a low-dimensional Euclidean space. (pnas.org)
  • In this article we describe a method that works to recover a parametrization for data lying on a manifold that is locally isometric to an open, connected subset Θ of Euclidean space ℝ d . (pnas.org)
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  • Hospitals that keep patients immobile as a way of preventing falls are engaging in a "false dichotomy" that can be damaging in the long-term, argue authors of a "Viewpoint" article published recently in JAMA Internal Medicine. (acutept.org)
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  • REQUIREMENTS: Professional, modern looking ' isometric flat' or something even more modern ANIMATED ILLUSTRATION made with After Effects and then exported through Bodymovin extention to get files ready for developer (incl. (freelancer.com)
  • If progress toward understanding the non-isometric scaling of BMR is ever to be made, it is first essential to know what the relationship actually is. (biologists.org)