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  • The key elements of a successful islet isolation procedure are: (1) enzymatically digesting the tissues connecting the islets to the exocrine tissue, (2) separating islets from non-islet tissue, and (3) culturing isolated islets in an environment that maintains cell viability. (biomedcentral.com)
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  • But only the CTAB-procedure (using a 2%CTAB-buffer with 2% CTAB, EDTA, Tris-HCl and beta-Mercaptoethenol) produced reproducible results. (bio.net)
  • Results: Sample collection techniques significantly affected the quantity of DNA for both, silica membrane based and phenol-chloroform isolations. (chemeurope.com)
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  • Oil seed protein isolates, in particular canola protein isolate , having a decreased phytic acid content is prepared by a procedure in which extraction of phytic acid from oil seed meal is inhibited during extraction of protein from the oil seed meal. (patentsencyclopedia.com)