• ICSI
  • In IVF field, Ca Ionophore can be used in case of low fertilization rate after ICSI procedure, particularly with Globozoospermia (Round Head sperm syndrome), Ca Ionophore will replace absence of sperm acrosom, and plays role in oocyte activation after ICSI. (wikipedia.org)
  • treatment
  • The ionophore treatment also promoted a change of pattern of the expression of the CnSERK gene during embryogenic callus formation. (springer.com)
  • increase
  • Most stocker cattle research has indicated that the addition of a label-approved dosage of an ionophore will increase average daily gain by 0.1 to 0.2 lb./day. (agweb.com)
  • The results showed no significant increase in the percentage of explants forming embryogenic callus, but with 1 µM ionophore there were significant increases in the formation of embryogenic structures per callus (2.8-fold), of somatic embryos per callus (1.5-fold) and also a greater absolute number (1.5-fold) of developing plantlets per callus. (springer.com)
  • control
  • Eyes excised from Xenopus embryos at stages 24 to 25 were cultured for 4 to 6 hours in a medium containing the ionophore X537A or in a control medium. (sciencemag.org)