• substance
  • Section 20(1) of the Atomic Energy Act provides that no patent shall be granted for inventions which in the opinion of the Central Government are useful for or relate to the production, control, use or disposal of atomic energy or the prospecting, mining, extraction, production, physical and chemical treatment, fabrication, enrichment, canning or use of any prescribed substance or radioactive substance or the ensuring of safety in atomic energy operations. (expertguides.com)
  • Even when the issue is related to hardware/software relation, the expression of the functionality as a method is to be judged on its substance . (iiprd.com)
  • It is well-established that, in patentability cases, the focus should be on the underlying substance of the invention, not the particular form in which it is claimed. (iiprd.com)
  • That is, while examining an application its substance is considered and a claim is taken as whole, if it does not fall in any of the excluded categories, the Examiner can proceed with other steps to determine patentability with respect to the invention. (iiprd.com)
  • particular
  • The invention is described herein with particular reference to the sheathing and packaging of Christmas trees, although no limitation thereby is intended, it being understood that the invention also is applicable to the sheathing and packaging of other articles as well. (google.com)