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  • While the past four decades have seen a substantial expansion in the use and understanding of interpersonal theory, such as cognitive development and general systems theory, this classic book remains a useful foundation for all nurses as so much subsequent work used this work as its starting point. (springerpub.com)
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  • Studies say 90 percent of executive failures are attributable to interpersonal competencies-factors such as leading teams, developing a positive work environment, retaining staff, inspiring trust, and coping with change. (bns-33.com)
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  • Subsequent to European contact relations within the confederacy were sometimes strained as each of the five tribes sought to expand and maintain its own interests in the developing fur trade . (encyclopedia.com)
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  • There is evidence that as long ago as 1000 b.c. there were thriving trade relations between the peoples of this region and Phoenicia . (encyclopedia.com)