• Veterinary Medicine
  • All applicants must be licensed to practice veterinary medicine in their country of origin, and priority is given to those candidates that fulfill the following: 1) Completion of a 1-year small, large or mixed animal rotating internship is preferred (or 2-3 years of practice experience in domestic animal, exotic, zoo and/or aquatic animal medicine). (aazv.org)
  • The Zoological Medicine service of the Department of Small Animal Medicine & Surgery, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Georgia (UGA), Zoo Atlanta (ZA), and the Georgia Aquarium (GA) offer a 4-year graduate program which includes a residency (which is compliant with both the American and European [Zoo Health Management] Colleges of Zoological Medicine) and a Masters degree (MS) in Comparative Biomedical Sciences (zoological medicine). (aazv.org)
  • hospitals
  • Varying by field and department, this on-the-job experiential learning can range from 200 to 1000 hours and may be called a practicum, internship, field placement, or MHA residency.With guidance from a faculty member and an on-site preceptor, students work at a wide range of sites including non-profit organizations, hospitals, and local for-profit firms. (pitt.edu)
  • websites
  • Potential applicants are strongly encouraged to consult www.aczm.org and www.eczm.eu websites for detailed information on residency requirements. (aazv.org)
  • students
  • A well-planned internship exposes students to professional settings and contacts, enhances valuable skills, and leads to informed career decision making-and sometimes a job offer! (pitt.edu)