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  • Curiosity gets the best of me and I have heard of too many women thinking they were having a period when it was implantation. (babycenter.com)
  • I also did a calculation thing while looking up implantation info last night and according to what I guessed was the first day of my last period the exact day the spotting started was the most common day for women with a 35 day cycle like me to have implantation start. (babycenter.com)
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  • I have read that implantation failure is more common in women with endometriosis, but I am unclear on why this would be so. (inciid.org)
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  • But, there's a growing interest in the influence of bacteria upon the likelihood of implantation and early results are indicating that switching up the body's microbiota may improve fertility. (bellaonline.com)
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  • 15. The combination of claim 2 , wherein at least a portion of said implant dissolves or degrades upon implantation into a host eye. (google.com)