• design
  • So while we may fantasize about something, when it actually comes to the logical process involved, we are using our imagination to build or modify or improve some design that we already have. (bigthink.com)
  • Just as furniture design is influenced by fashion, art and other design aesthetics, so too is the Imagination Collection. (jotun.com)
  • SALE
  • Imagination has put itself up for sale after Apple pulled the plug on the long-standing graphics technology deal that has been the bedrock of its business, sending the shares tumbling 70pc. (telegraph.co.uk)
  • point
  • Imagination makes its home in the body at a point between the eyes, where we might think of its function as that of a "third eye," one that enables us to see beyond what we normally take in through our two physical eyes. (unity.org)
  • society
  • In a new book called 'Imagination First,' co-authors Eric Liu and Scott Noppe-Brandon argue that we -- individuals and society -- could badly use some imaginative thinking about the imagination. (pbs.org)