• To well enhance an image and suppress the produced noises in the resulting image, a multiscale top-hat selection transform-based algorithm through extracting bright and dark image regions and increasing the contrast between them is proposed. (osapublishing.org)
  • Xiangzhi Bai, Fugen Zhou, and Bindang Xue, "Noise-suppressed image enhancement using multiscale top-hat selection transform through region extraction," Appl. (osapublishing.org)
  • The enhancement can be performed by hardware devices through software algorithms but this chapter deals with various software techniques in particular. (igi-global.com)
  • First, the multiscale top-hat selection transform is discussed and then is used to extract the bright and dark image regions of each scale. (osapublishing.org)
  • Second, the final extracted bright and dark image regions are obtained through a maximum operation on all the extracted multiscale bright and dark image regions at all scales. (osapublishing.org)