• cells
  • Cicaprost, iloprost and PGE2 were similarly potent to increase [Ca2+]i in HEL cells. (uni-regensburg.de)
  • Our data suggest that in HEL cells (i) cicaprost and iloprost act through prostacyclin receptors and (ii) that these receptors couple to pertussis toxin-insensitive heterotrimeric regulatory guanine nucleotide-binding proteins, (iii) resulting in an increase in [Ca2+]i by Ca2+ mobilization from internal stores and sustained influx. (uni-regensburg.de)
  • years
  • The probabilities of LuTx-free survival at 1, 3 and 5 years following iloprost initiation were 38%, 17% and 17%, respectively. (uni-muenchen.de)
  • I can honestly say that I never really felt a benefit from Iloprost during the most savage first few years after onset - my uulcers persisted for 9-12 months, no matter what. (healthunlocked.com)