• medication
  • An oral hypoglycemic agent is a medication (usually a pill or capsule) that can be take by mouth to lower a high blood sugar toward normal. (jimdo.com)
  • Modern combination antiretroviral therapy consists of at least three antiretroviral agents and leads to virologic suppression in most patients who are able to take their medication regularly. (cmaj.ca)
  • dose
  • Vitamin C in a dose of 2g/day as add on therapy to oral hypoglycemic agent produces improvement in lipid profile to the desirable levels and thus reducing the risk of diabetic complications. (ssjournals.com)
  • Low-dose ritonavir and cobicistat are not prescribed as active antiretroviral agents but are used to improve the pharmacokinetic profile of other antiretrovirals. (cmaj.ca)
  • effect
  • Two of them are known as hydroxylated compounds with no hypoglycemic effect and is mainly excreted from the urine and a small amount is excreted by the stool. (chemicalbook.com)