• toxoid
  • Facktor MA, Bernstein RA, Fireman P. Hypersensitivity to tetanus toxoid. (medscape.com)
  • Simultaneous transfer of delayed hypersensitivity to diphtheria toxin and to tuberculin has been accomplished in eight consecutive instances in man using extracts from washed leucocytes taken from the peripheral blood of tuberculin-positive, Schick-negative donors who were highly sensitive ( i.e ., pseudoreactors) to purified diphtheria toxin and toxoid. (rupress.org)
  • depend
  • The possibility that the occurrence of spontaneous contact hypersensitivities may depend upon the presence of similarly active lipoidal components of the skin is commented upon. (rupress.org)
  • cells
  • Tumor-specific delayed hypersensitivity was transferred to peritoneal exudate cells obtained from unimmunized strain 2 guinea pigs after the peritoneal exudate cells were incubated with RNA-rich extracts from lymphoid tissues of syngeneic guinea pigs previously immunized to either of two antigenically distinct diethylnitrosamine-induced transplantable hepatomas. (aacrjournals.org)