• strabismus
  • In addition, this procedure seems to reduce or eliminate also the non-accommodative component of esodeviation (especially in small-angle deviation), thus suggesting to postpone strabismus surgery after PRK when esotropia and hyperopia coexist. (springer.com)
  • Excimer
  • [ 12 ] With different output systems and configurations unique to each excimer laser system, the conceptual ablation pattern results in a relative central steepening to correct the hyperopia. (medscape.com)
  • infant
  • In contrast, plus-lens wear is effective in producing hyperopia only in infant tree shrews (Siegwart & Norton, Exp Eye Res 2010, 91:660). (arvojournals.org)
  • known
  • Having hyperopia is also known as being farsighted, which means you can see things far away, but have trouble seeing objects up close, like the words in a book. (kidshealth.org)