• worsens
  • For example, Yasunari and colleagues reported that repeated hypoglycaemia worsens injury-provoked intimal thickening in a male Goto-Kakizaki rat carotid artery [ 12 ], whilst Jin and colleagues reported that hypoglycaemia induced monocyte adhesion to rat aortic endothelium [ 13 ]. (hindawi.com)
  • include
  • Background: The phenotype associated with heterozygous HNF1 A gene mutations has recently been extended to include neonatal hyperinsulinaemic hypoglycaemia (HH) in addition to maturity-onset diabetes of the young (HNF1A MODY). (eurospe.org)
  • possibility
  • Another possible contributory mechanism that has not been well investigated is the possibility that hypoglycaemia may accelerate atherosclerosis, as suggested by some animal studies. (hindawi.com)